Any move towards a social enterprise must involve the commitment, effort and enthusiasm of all key stakeholders. SoMazi is committed to developing long-term successful relationships with clients, and a prerequisite of this has to be the training of all those in-house who will be taking your social media plans forward.

To ensure a smooth integration and amplification of all new technologies and processes, mindsets and structures, to guarantee that you get the most from your social media opportunities, SoMazi provides training in the form of workshops, seminars, one-to-one sessions and remote support.

Training may involve something as simple as enhancing someone’s understanding of how gamification can improve community engagement or it can be as complex and delicate as convincing a room full of sceptical stakeholders to buy into the social media changes that will affect each and every one of their departments.

As with every facet of social media integration or enhancement, we know that training works best when it has been developed specifically for your internal audience. Understanding the various motivations, perspectives, aspirations and knowledge levels of all those involved is an important first step to developing a training strategy that will work best for your organisation.

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