Social Media Technology

SoMazi takes a wholly independent stance on technology. Not being aligned with any one provider affords us a whole-of-market perspective on the best software, platforms and solutions for your business, and our experience with all of the leading suppliers provides us with an exceptional amount of insight and a strong negotiating position. You may have heard of the likes of Buddy Media, Radian6, Brandwatch and Sysomos but there are many other social technologies available and SoMazi are ideally positioned to select those best suited for your social media optimisation.

Technology Audit

The first step to social media optimisation through the technology you use is to assess how well your current software and platforms are performing, or could perform if adapted more efficiently, against your business goals. Alternatively, whether you have any technology at all dedicated to your social media aspirations.

Socialising Existing Technology

Whether your organisation has already made some limited technological moves towards social media integration or you are yet to discover the importance of doing so, we at SoMazi can advise and assist you in the development of the best social technology solutions. Being mindful of the dual aims of maximising potential and minimising budget spend, we first review your existing technology to determine whether it can be adapted, extended or utilised to greater efficiency to support your social media goals or to socialise your key branded destinations (websites, apps, etc.).

Sourcing New Technology

From audit to business case presentation, supplier location, negotiation, implementation support and training, SoMazi offers a fully-rounded technology sourcing service.

Developing Bespoke Solutions

Where we establish that a client’s demands cannot be met by any existing technology, either in-house or externally sourced, SoMazi can facilitate the development of a bespoke software solution to best suit your social media needs.

SoMazi have developed technology solutions for some of the leading brands on the planet. From identifying the right mobile app, online community platform or gamification opportunities for clients, to embedding social media tools into their existing web or e-commerce sites, SoMazi will find the right technical solution for your business.