SoMazi takes a uniquely business-oriented view of social media – that behind every decision, direction and action should be a financial reward, an ROI that justifies your commitment to the integration of social media into every area of your business and ultimately your move towards becoming a social enterprise.

Social media is about more than just likes and followers, it should be about the return, the profit margin and the long-term business growth opportunities it offers a business. At SoMazi we are focused on this goal above all others: we plan for it, strategise for it and deliver on all agreed KPIs to maximise the potential locked up in your social media endeavours.

SoMazi brings together a decade of social media experience across a multi-discipline framework to develop long-term profitable strategies for business. What we offer your business includes the development of short and long-term commercial opportunities through identifying, prioritising and implementing programmes for clients, amplifying existing social activities and extending social media to new areas of the business that could benefit from it. Most importantly though, it will involve planning effective social media strategies with quantifiable financial rewards.

The monetisation of your social media endeavours is our primary objective, whether it’s identifying untapped potential or improving efficiencies, reorienting internal structures or buying in new technologies, SoMazi has the expertise to maximise your social media profit potential.

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