SoMazi is a full-service social media consultancy able to guide, develop, implement and enhance your organisation’s involvement in the world of social media. In reality we mould our service to the specific needs and demands of each and every client; however, we have condensed our offering into four simple service sections for those who would prefer to select for themselves precisely what areas they would like our assistance in:

Social Media Amplification

From the insights gathered through a detailed audit of your Social Data to the integration of social media into all relevant channels of your business, our amplification service focuses on the enhancement of your social engagement planning, strategising, implementation and maintenance.

Social Media Technology

The social technologies your business uses can have a significant impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of your involvement with your communities. From a review of your current technology assets to establish what needs replacing, enhancing or utilising, to the sourcing of new social technologies or the development of bespoke software solutions, SoMazi has the expertise your organisation needs.


SoMazi is dedicated to the monetisation of all your social media activities. We treat this as our central objective in every decision, suggestion and plan of action we offer our clients. Just like any other business decision you make, social media needs to justify your financial commitment to it.


At SoMazi we don’t just supply you with the tools to create successful social media ends, we provide you with the means to understand it, to maintain it and to carry it forward to even greater financial rewards. Every campaign, project and client relationship involves the training and support of key people to ensure that they are able to make the most of your opportunities in the social media environment.