Video Recommendations Somazi Resources Video and Social Media Marketing

The average viewer watched nearly 22 hours of video in a single month. How to make the most of branded video content?



6 Twitter Analytics Tools

Provides a step-by-step introduction to all the tools you need to start measuring your Twitter activity. Knowing what works best lets you align your strategy  with your communications and engage with your community in a more effective and meaningful way.



Twitter Engagement Recommendations 

Are you maximising the potential of your Twitter activities? The Somazi team advises on how to engage with your followers to get and keep your audience’s attention and harness the value of Twitter relationships.



Facebook Engagement Recommendations 

You might have experience in following friends’ lives on Facebook, but how do you communicate as a brand?  We’ve compiled a list of useful tips and recommendations to help you with meaningful engagement on Facebook.



Social Media Measuring Tools 

Getting started with social media activities for business?  You’d have heard that measuring your efforts is a must. But why and how to measure? What tools can you use? This presentation will guide you through different options to make the process easier.



Social Media Publishing Tools 

How to avoid the tedium of logging in and out of different social channels, measuring your efforts, managing permissions and scheduling ahead? We’ve put together an overview of social media publishing tools to make the choice of a publishing platform easier and to automate your social media communications.



Twitter eBook

Smarta – Contributors: Maz Nadjm, Duncan Bannatyne (Dragon’s Den), Noush Skaugen, et al.
Whether you’re an old hand at tweeting or you’re still not exactly sure what Twitter’s all about, this ebook has the right no-nonsense, practical tips to help your business.



Security issues and recommendations for online social networks

EU European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) – Contributors, Maz Nadjm, Alessandro Acquisti, Elisabetta Carrara, et al.
This paper aims to provide a useful introduction to security issues in the area of Social Networking, highlight the most important threats and make recommendations for action and best practices to reduce the security risks to users.