What’s new? Top social media stories


This week’s top stories is for all those who are social media (professional) lovers. We’ve selected articles which will help you to find your target audience and how to respond to criticism on social media. You can also learn what’s the best time to post on social media channels and, last but not least, find some spot on arguments about why your social media job isn’t a joke. Enjoy!

How do women and men use social media differently [infographic]
Are men from Goggle+ and women from Twitter? Even though it might not be that black and white, there are trends in social media that may be influenced by gender. And, working as a guide, this infographic sheds light on how sexes behave on social media universe – so you can find your target audience more efficiently. For those who don’t like to be lost in space.

Responding criticism on social media
Long gone are the days when what customer had to say about your brand was shared among a limited number of people – and soon faded away. Now, it’s more likely that it will be written all over the internet on different social media platforms, for everyone to read. But how to respond to them? This article could bring you some answers.


A scientific guide to posting tweets, Facebook posts, emails and blog posts at the best time
Everyone working on social media dreams of having the perfect post. One which will be read, shared, retweeted and liked. Even though an optimal post maybe be very difficult to reach, this article explains – scientifically – how to get the best results from what you have to say.


10 ways my social media job isn’t a joke
If you work on social media, it has happened to you at some point. You meet a new person, who asks what you do for living. And when you mention ‘social media’ , you might get a ‘Oh, so your job is tweeting!’ as an answer. What to reply to them? Have a look at this article. It will help you to formulate a killer answer.