What’s new? Top social media stories


Piksher DeletedWhether you’re aiming for world domination or just to be on top of your game, social media can help you get there if you know what makes it work (and what doesn’t). This week’s top articles may help you find your way through the social jungle, from identifying the trendiest social channels to how to behave on them. And you’ll also be reassured that, yes, recommendations are very important for marketing strategies. Or helping paws, if you prefer.

Deadly sins of social mediaThe 7 new deadly sins of social media

Do you know what the deadly sins of social media for 2013 are? This article relates the major offences when it comes to social strategy. Worth having a look – especially if you are not keen on being burnt.

WoM recommendationsThe importance of brand recommendations in your marketing strategy

92% of consumers are influenced by word-of-mouth and recommendations from people they know. Far more than those who trust search engines ads (37%) and online banners (24%). So what does that mean for brand marketers and how well social media is doing to turn users into clients?

Kittens & bacon stay viralKittens & bacon – Why they continue to go viral

Forget Hollywood celebrities – cats are the ultimate stars of the internet. Bacon – the food – follows suit, being far more popular than Kevin Bacon, the actor. This infographic brings cool data about the two biggest mascots of the internet, and how you can use them for world domination.

Social media facts of 2013Social media facts of 2013

It’s unbelievable, but we are already heading toward the end of the year. As for social media, what has this year brought us? This infographic offers helpful statistics and data about the newest social media trends.