What’s new? Top social media stories


This week’s top stories are fashionable: we’ve selected articles tailored to your social media needs. They could help you to achieve a lean (and successful) social media marketing strategy. We also looked at trends: is Facebook out and India in?


Platform-specific social media marketing
Too many brands and businesses try to be everywhere on social media. However, this article explains that, actually, in some occasions it makes more sense to stick to just one platform - become an expert on it. By doing so, companies with limited resources could cultivate its audience base more easily. As the fashion rule says: less is more.

Facebook is doomed
It is likely that Google will deliver innovations that could change the way we drive our cars and connect with others. By contrast, what we can expect from Facebook? This article argues that there’s not much to wait from it. Is it the beginning of the end for Facebook?


Social media in the emerging markets: India
India – second fastest expanding economy in the world - has experienced significant changes in its socioeconomic and digital environment recently. Social media has taken off in India too, and this article paints an interesting picture of who’s doing what on India’s biggest social media platforms.


Retailers use social network pictures
E-commerce players have long relied on willowy models and high-end studios for their product photos, taking a page from glossy print catalogs. But e-retailers are increasingly switching out those slick product pics for snapshots of regular folks endorsing brands on social media channels. As user-generated content increases conversion rates (and drives sales), will social media become even more fashionable?