What’s new? Top social media stories


In this week’s top stories, we look at a few exemplary cases of who’s doing social well, where and for what purpose, with a peek at the near and longer-term future.

Maersk1 Million Facebook Fans Prove Maersk Line’s Remarkable B2B Social Smarts

Social media marketing coverage is dominated by the B2C crowd, but B2B doesn’t always have to mean boring-to-boring; Maersk is here to prove it. The world’s biggest shipping company has succeeded in social media by adopting an innovative – and engaging – approach towards their social media channels. Making use of the company’s vast photo archives and interesting untold stories, the company’s Facebook page reached more than 1 million fans, and helped the Danish shipping giant to reinforce its position as a truly a global company. A stroke of genius.

Selling on Social MediaSelling on Social Media infographic

Not all social media platforms are created equal when it comes to marketing to audiences. But where should marketeers go and to do what? This infographic offers great help on identifying where your customers (and competitors) are, plus interesting information and stats that you should take into account when creating a successful social media campaign.

BankSocial Media and the Finance Industry: 4 Banks Who Lead the Way

The bank of tomorrow will be a social bank. But how will it work? In this article, SoMazi summarised some ‘futuristic’ social media activities that financial institutions are already putting into place. It’s likely these pioneering efforts will become quite common in the years to come. So check now what you should be doing in the future.

The City of 2050BBC city of 2050

Most of the time, trying to predict the future makes for a fun guessing game. With that in mind, this picture from BBC News offers a sneak peek at how the city of the future might look like. In their scenario, connection is everything – and social media will be everywhere. How do you think you’ll be engaging with your peers in 40 years’ time?  Or will you be too busy talking with your fridge?