What’s new? Top social media stories


This week’s top stories focus on social retail – or how social media is reshaping the retail sector as a whole. The articles below further our understanding of why it’s so important for retail businesses to know their clients. Not only to know them, but fully understand, listen, react and respond swiftly, right where they are.

Using simple psychology to increase conversions
No matter how much technology advances, the triggers behind human behaviours remain the same. With that in mind, this cool infographic depicts 5 types of user behaviours to give marketeers a better understanding of whom they’re dealing with online and thereby be more successful in increasing conversions. Brainy.

The growth of social retail: How brands are wooing you online
The potential of online retail is almost infinite, and brands who have embraced digital have come up with intelligent and engaging campaigns ideas. With so much at stake, social retail campaigns need to become ever more sophisticated. But what risks may the future of social retail bring?

How to do retail social customer service: Case studies from Best Buy, M&S, Tesco, Next and Boots
This article brings the finest examples of how to offer a proper retail customer service experience using social media channels. The examples demonstrate that, despite many different qualities, all these companies have common features: outstanding social customer care, agility and an emphasis on good relationship-building. Good job!

The value of social media: Twitter tracks impact of brand tweets offline
Twitter has partnered with Datalogix to offer advertisers a new tool that monitors the impact of their tweets on consumer behaviour. This new tool quantifies the impact of promoted and organic tweets on offline sales and identifies the best ways to promote in-store sales. From the initial case studies run by Twitter, they could identify three key results: 1) engagement drives greater in-store sales; 2) brands’ organic tweets drive sales and 3) followers who see promoted tweets buy more. It’s another clear example of how important a well-established social campaign is.

Real time marketing – striking while the iron is hot
Real time marketing via social media can be a fantastic way of creating business opportunities through platforms like Twitter. A good idea, relevant content and swift execution could be the solution for an engaging campaign around up-to-the-minute events such as breaking news or global events. This can be an effective (and rather low-cost) campaign, promoting buzz and engagement around a brand or product. The secret is striking while the iron’s hot.