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Passion is what this week’s top stories have in common, be it the passionate sports fan with increasingly direct contact with club and idols, or a love for tweeting. Or even how users can passionately can bring down a company’s reputation – and how companies can avoid attracting bad feelings. Check out our news and spread the love!

5 trends for sport social media that could be used in football
Social media and sports are playing together on a winning team and scoring more each round. Sports clubs and sports associations are embracing social media and receiving massive results. As an example, English Premier League clubs have, combined, over 50 million fans on Facebook. But there’s still room for growth and this article shows us what we can expect to see soon in European sports field.

Facebook engagement recommendations
Facebook page is a mandatory consideration for most businesses. But a plain, dull Facebook profile is obviously not enough. It needs to be alive, engaging, filled with interesting content and bursting with inspiration. Easier said than done? Not really – Learn what do to do to keep your company’s Likes pouring in!

Art: digitalethos.org

4 Examples of Excellent Twitter Customer Service
Gone are the days when companies could hide a complaint in a dodgy drawer somewhere in a dark shabby office. Thanks to social channels like Twitter, complaints (and how they’re handled) can be seen by anyone, out in the open digital universe. And whilst the internet is packed with digital-customer-service fails, this piece shines a light on good case studies for implementing an efficient and social customer service.

Is a Facebook ‘Like’ worth $174? Probably not
Even though public displays of loyalty can be priceless for companies, it was reported that each Facebook ‘Like’ could be worth $174 to the business. Despite that, this article maintains that the true meaning of Like is a representation of brand recognition that’s worth much more than a simple monetary figure. Can you really put a price tag on what you Like?

Social media hotel offers Twitter-themed rooms
Many tourists go to Spain for a summer sensation with sangria, sand, sea and sun. But to others, summer is not complete if they miss a tweet while doing all of the above. With those clients in mind, this hotel in Majorca has arranged a Twitter-themed hotel room. Perfect for those on #Holidays.