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This week’s coverage centres on the major impact brand advocacy can exercise on different areas of business. From the first steps of growing your social media fanbase to getting your loyal fans to put your name at the top of trending topics is a long journey – but not an impossible one.  You need to work out where your brand’s ambassador-to-be can be found and, at the same time, which of the multitudinous social channels best support your engagement. That’s where The Conversation Prism comes in handy, but to some observers it represents an overwhelming task.

Twitter vs FacebookWill Vine strangle Twitter?
There’s a battle of online titans taking place between Twitter’s Vine and Facebook’s Instagram, and at least for now, the results are uncertain. But to stay in the competition, could  Vine’s strategy result in a friendly-fire, bringing Twitter down?

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Your advocacy program strategySoial Media Advocacy
Since the early days of commerce, word-of-mouth and trust have been important for a successful the relationship between businesses and clients. But how would this apply to today’s interconnected world, when words can be exchanged across the planet? More importantly, what makes a customer stand up and turn into a brand’s ambassador? Look here at some of the steps to help your business to move in the right direction.

 Arsenal TwitterArsenal simple social media earns over 4000 Twitter mentions
Football and social media have a lot in common. Both rely on a good strategy, speed and good communication among players. Having said that, Arsenal fans have another result to celebrate – and talk about on their own Twitter accounts. Scoring more than 4k mentions on Twitter on one day alone, fans have brought their favourite team to trending 3rd worldwide. How? Sending questions to @Arsenal.  Learn how they conquered that result!

How much of social media is too much?
Brian Solis‘ and JESS3‘s celebrated annual Conversation Prism is a very useful tool, mapping what’s out there and helping professionals organise their work.  We’d like to share two very different reactions to the same visualisation:

If you want to stay on top of the game in a vast and ever-changing social media world, the Prism is is just one of many resources used by Rachel Miller, who asks How many social media channels do you know? If you’re using social media in your profession, an awareness of new, established and fading social channels comes with the job.

But Naomi Simsom looks at the same landscape and speculates that Our ‘fear of missing out’ is disconnecting us, already attracting some 250 reader comments as of this posting.

So when does so much become too much? What looks overwhelming to a social media user might might simply look like a well-stocked toolbox to the social media professional. Do you find it equally daunting to sort out which developments merit attention just as Naomi notes how ‘connectedness’ can distract from important offline opportunities to connect?