What’s new? Top Social Media Stories


This week’s coverage centres on new features introduced to enhance users’ social experience. Chrome has different extensions to improve social experience and HootSuite is helping companies produce more popular data for their social channels. The Glastonbury Festival’s audience are enjoying more social features than ever before. And if you need more evidence of social’s perceived value, take a look at Snapchat, valued around $860m after just two short years.

HootSuite launches an RSS reader

HootSuite is integrating RSS reader technology into its social media management tool. It’s called HootSuite Syndicator, and it’s available as a simple integration via an app in the company’s App Directory. The HootSuite Syndicator can help by providing a library of content you can selectively choose to share.

With HootSuite Syndicator, social media channel owners can easily stream any content from any RSS feed right into Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks.

11 Chrome extensions to improve your social media experience

There are 11 Chrome extensions documented here to improve your social media experience including integration with Instagram and Bitly.

In 2 years, Snapchat is valued at $860m 

Users of the app now send 200 million photos each day according to the company. That’s up from 50 million in December and 150 million in April. Photos, which users send directly to a select group of friends, “disappear” after less than 10 seconds.

How Glastonbury is using social media

A dedicated BBC Twitter account @bbcglasto answered questions throughout the Festival weekend fielding audience queries, selecting the best tweets from artists and sharing links to the best reviews, live blogs and commentary from UK newspapers and media. 100s of realtime images from the main stages were shared to key social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter) and the best artist, fan and media commentary was curated by editors on a daily live blog. For real social media geeks, live Twitter stats, facts and figures were shared in partnership with UK start-up Second Sync.