What’s new? Top social media stories

This week most of our top stories discuss how to best market your brand across social media platforms. The value of an online presence is obvious (when done right), but companies are still unsure of how to engage with followers. It’s also great to learn more about the  update from Apple: IOS 7, said to be better than ever.

How much is a Tweet really worth?

Someone setting up a Twitter account for their brand will find a Tweet is worth up to $25 to their brand, according to SumAll. However, it was also found that Instagram followers are worth 10 times more than Twitter followers. Interesting read if you’re looking to market your brand through social media platforms.

5 people rocking Vine with great video content

5 awesome and intriguing videos from Vine, the Twitter-owned social ‘Instagram of Video’. Marketers have yet to discover what makes Vines take off in the public imagination but you can see some good ideas here.


Why you shouldn’t automate a link between Facebook and Twitter

Read the reasons why Facebook and Twitter accounts should not be linked: they’re different users and different markets but also, it looks lazy and unfocused. The article concludes that one should be careful when automating different social platforms.

Apple IOS 7 is even better than we could have dreamed

The new Apple update is said to be as significant as the original invention of the iPhone. Here you can see the more in-depth changes coming to your Apple devices this fall.