Social Media Top Stories This Week

Twitter seems to have taken over our top stories this week. Perhaps it does say something about the powers in the social media landscape?

1. Social TV and second-screen viewing: the stats in 2012 - “80% of smartphone owners use their device in front of the TV” and other insightful social TV stats.

2. Make no mistake, Twitter is in the social TV  business – “Twitter dominates conversations around TV — 95% of public conversation about TV happens on Twitter, the company says, and 25% of the U.S. audience tweets about TV.” Is that the end of Twitter’s TV business aspirations?

3. Twitter Shifts from Tech Startup to Media Network [Infographic] –“What was once a Twitter paradox has now become promising new model for the future not just social and mobile media, but all media”

4. Twitter’s Plan to Woo Agencies -  ”Twitter is building up its agency-relations efforts as it seeks to more aggressively monetize its 500 million-strong global user base.”

5. How to Get the Most from Your Social Media Manager – Maz Nadjm, SoMazi’s founder shares best practices on introducing a new social media manager to the business. “You must at begin with an awareness of the fundamental role they will play in your organisation: to be ‘social’, to be the centre of a network of social innovation that requires a connection and adequate communication with every other part of your business,”

6.  Can You Prove The ROI of Social Business? –  A group known as Disillusion 2.0 issued challenge to the social business community to prove the ROI of their work.  The challenge will see successful entrants awarded $2000.

7. Report: Twitter taking on Instagram with its own photo filters  -  Some think that Facebook bought Instagram in the first place in part to keep it out of Twitter’s hands. Now, Twitter is said to start offering their own photo filters. Will they create a passionate community around photo-sharing, leaving Facebook to question Instagram’s price-tag?

8. LinkedIn’s one-click endorsements are crazy popular  - New LinkedIn products, including endorsements, are are signed to contribute to increasing engagement. But will the lightweight version of recommendations decrease credibility of the professional network?